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From your youth to the special moments that make up your wedding day…
From the invitation, to the church, to the reception. Better than photographs alone, our artists will work with your wedding photographs, as well as other pictures you provide, to design an original piece of art that is a meaningful and lasting testament to this emotional milestone in your life.

At Adam and Kelly's wedding, they showed a video of their lives including images of each of them growing up. We selected three of Adam's and three of Kelly's pictures of at about the same age, then merged them with images of their wedding day. They particularly enjoyed how we were able to incorporate both the interior and exterior of the church, a portion of their wedding invitation, and their families to make this special painting touch on all of the emotions they experienced during this meaningful event.
A friend of this couple commissioned a PaintMyWedding montage to capture the true Cowboy Wedding theme that was created for their special day. Western cut tuxedos, The Father-of-the Bride with a shotgun... they even built a complete saloon backdrop and were married right on the porch.

The montage includes the couple, their saloon, Best Man, Maid of Honor and both sets of parents. We were told that our painting is one of the ways they are constantly reminded of the fun and emotions of their unique wedding day experience.
While the first Paint My Wedding example was more focused on the wedding day experience, this graphite pencil montage goes into more detail on the life of the couple up until the time that they met.

The full color example is a current message with a subtle glimpse back in time. The pencil example is a historical journey of two people, culminating in their marriage. Based on the reference photographs you provide, our artists can take either route, or go somewhere in between to make the montage of your wedding a meaningful story that will last for the rest of your life.