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Titan Motorcycle Company asked us to help them capture their ten year history as one of the premier custom motorcycle manufacturers in the world. In the late 90’s, Titan had name recognition second only to Harley Davidson … it was a great ride.

This montage features their early Gecko designs, some of their limited edition special builds, and the unique Radical Rigid. Their newest designs, the Bobber and Rubbermount Chopper are featured in motion at the bottom of the montage roaring into the future.

We prepared this montage in several versions. It was done with the 10th Anniversary logo, then with the logo removed, so portraits of dealers and customers could be hand-painted into the design (this example features Titan owner Don Proudfoot). We also did a poster version with a full history from 1995 to 2006 and made some large banners that hung on the transport vehicles during shows.

I was lucky enough to work out a trade for a midlife crisis buster of my own. Way cool!!