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Kinze Manufacturing has a colorful history beginning when Jon Kinzenbaw founded Kinze Welding in 1965 with an investment of $681. After moving from green to the now well-know Kinze blue, their growth has been steady. Today Kinze occupies a 160 acre campus and has over 750 employees.

Kinze management was looking for a way to share their story and core values with long service employees, customers and suppliers who were instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Using a transition from sepia-tone for the older, black and white images to full color, artist Roger Whitney captured the Kinze transformation from a small Iowa welding shop to one of top designers and manufacturers of high end farming equipment. Their sophisticated planters and harvesting augers lead the industry in design and productivity.

By adding text or a personalized portrait of award recipients, Kinze is able to share in both the visual accomplishments and the pride of being part of an American Success story.