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Larry H. Miller is the successful owner of 40 automobile dealerships, as well as the Utah Jazz professional basketball team. Recognition Concepts was asked to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of The Larry Miller Group with a montage portraying the growth of the automobile business, the NBA franchise and several new ventures in the works. Larry and his wife Gail are also included, enjoying the excitement of a Jazz game.

To make this lithograph series special, we developed two versions. The middle-left of the painting was left blank, so personalized portraits of key employees could be added to some of the prints. The 28" x 34" original was then completed with a portrait of Larry, his Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and prize Cobra car. Reproductions of the finished original were given to the managers of all 40 dealerships after the weekend celebration, while the original was presented to Larry for his office. The special, portrait personalized versions were given to top employees that have been with Larry since the beginning.

The response from everyone there was very positive. They all appreciated how the artwork told the story of the company and made them feel proud to be involved in its continued success.