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Ralphs Grocery Company, a large Los Angeles based grocery store chain, saw the Recognition Concepts program as a way to show appreciation to key employees and other contributors to the industry.

We prepared this beautiful watercolor and prismacolor pencil montage on the history of Ralphs. This choice of medium allowed us to draw historical elements like the Founder, Mr. Ralphs, and his first store in sepia tone, then slowly move into watercolor for the more current elements. The portraits are painted in and the background blended around to create a piece that visually makes each recipient a central character in the history of this proud and successful organization.

While originally developed as a long service and retirement award, when Cornell University celebrated the 25th Anniversary of its Home Study Program, we prepared a special lithograph with Cornell's Bell Tower hand-painted into the Ralphs story as a special gift. It was received with surprise and appreciation, and hangs at the Ithaca, New York campus as a constant memento of the programs success with corporate supporters like Ralphs.