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When the idea for Paint My Family began to gel, we quickly realized that a family painting could be anything from a candid shot of a mother (or dad) with a baby, to a 20+ element, elaborate composition that depicts the whole life of one or more people.

Some of the most memorable times that families share involve special activities that they participate in regularly. Ski vacations, camping trips, weekends at the cabin, etc. This sepiatone pencil montage is a Small Group piece that depicts my family with our Tige Watersports Boat. This montage will hold a multitude of  pleasant memories of those special lake trips where no one can call on the phone or knock on the door.
This family asked us to paint their two grown children on the beach where they have spent family vacation times for as long as they can remember.
This watercolor painting was developed from four photographs, with the boating scenes, crab, and fish added to capture the memories of the location and time.
This simple, two element montage captures the emotion of a loving mother with her contented baby. Drawings or paintings like this can be done from a single photograph.
What could be more meaningful and lasting to a parent than a montage made up of the memorable moments in the lives of their young children?