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Pets are important members of many families. Most pet owners take lots of pictures of their pets throughout their lives, but like other family pictures, most are hidden away in albums or shoeboxes in the hall closet. Our artists at can help you capture the special moments, loving expressions, signature antics, and other memorable moments in the lives of your pets and design them into a lasting tribute.

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Here's Jake resting up between skidding around corners of the house after an imaginary foe. Our beloved Jake lived to a ripe old age of 19.
Charlie is ready to pounce on the next grasshopper that comes his way. He was the biggest cat we ever had, weighing in at a hefty 19 pounds. We will always remember his antics.
Joshua gives Champ a friendly reminder of who's boss of the yard. These two were best friends for 12 years, but will always live in our hearts.
Capone is 9 years old and Rachael is 14. They have only been working together for a little over a year, but you wouldn't know it. They have gelled into a great team and their barrel times will only get faster from here. What a rewarding experience it has been for both Rachael and our entire family to watch how the hard work, practice, and dedication is paying off. Both horse and rider are better for the effort and it will get more exciting as they both continue to mature and hone their skills.
As a child it was always a dream to own a truly great show horse. "In Dash Flasher" has fulfilled that dream by carrying my husband and I to the winner's circle numerous times, but what he has given us goes way beyond that. This horse's soul is so kind, devoted, and loving. Every morning as I walk by this portrait in my home, I am reminded of that spirit, and how lucky I am to own him. The capture of that soft, kind eye makes me want to touch and pet the portrait! I feel so fortunate to have this painting, as I know I can always have Flash's spirit with me. -- Nita Gulbas, D.V.M.
"Chunk" is the spitting image of his mother whom I owned for 21 years. The loss of his mother was great, but we have "Chunk" to fill that loss. He is just as perky and bright as his mother, and I can see it in his eyes in this portrait. It makes me smile knowing that is mother is in that glimmer, too. -- Nita Gulbas, D.V.M.
Every morning I get up and the first thing I do is feed and care for our horses. This morning chore is a joy as it is a quiet time to spend with the horses and birds and a great way to prepare for a potentially hectic day at work. These horses each have their own personality and being able to interact with them daily goes beyond words. This portrait captures each of their unique personalities, and reminds me in the evening as I relax on the couch and gaze on this portrait how very lucky I am to have these horses as a part of my life. Even our non-horsy friends gasp at this painting on the wall, it is stunning and speaks of these great animals. -- Brian Tognoni