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After more than 15 years of designing custom art montages for corporations to use in recognizing their key people we decided to offer our creative services to families with To our surprise, many of our initial calls came from families who had lost loved ones - particularly children.

We have found that our montage capabilities work to both celebrate a life, but, in some cases, to actually put a family back together again. Some of the letters of appreciation and  healing are included in this Memorials section of our web site.

Ricky -- "I absolutely love what you and the artist have done. The drawing of my little Ricky in Jesus' arms brings tears to my eyes! The look on Jesus' face is so passionate, the drawing is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this masterpiece!"
-- Amanda

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Matt -- Christmas 2002 "The loss of our son came suddenly and tragically this past February. There are no words to describe our emotion and the emptiness left in our hearts. We have spent endless hours searching our memories and looking through the photo's we have trying to fill the hole that has been left in our hearts. Nothing can compare to the impact this (montage) tribute to Matt's life has had on each of us. It has all but brought him to life again. My husband said it took his breath away when he saw it for the first time. It stopped me in my tracks and all I could do was cry. I felt as if Matt was standing there and I could reach out and touch him. It left our family speechless when they received a copy for Christmas. The artist, Roger, has a gift, pure and simple." -- Amy and Scott

Nathan -- "In January of 1995, at the age of 24, my son Nathan died after a 6 year battle with cancer. Shortly after Nathan's passing, my ex-wife gave me a copy of this hand-painted composite of familiar photos of Nathan. I hung it on the wall in my bedroom. Each night before I went to bed and every morning upon waking it was there to help me through the difficult times. In my work as a Family Service Counselor for a Mortuary and Cemetery, I help people make final arrangements for their loved ones on a daily basis. One day I received a call from a woman I had helped with arrangements for her husband a few months previous. She was going through a rough period and, being aware of my loss, asked me how I got through these times. After giving it some thought, I told her that this painting of Nathan's life has somehow helped me through those episodes of despair and bereavement. Because the painting has been there every day since his death I had begun to take it for granted. When I received this phone call I recognized what this representation of Nathan's life means to me. If the house was burning down and I only had time to save one thing, I would run out of the house with this painting." -- Brian
Mike -- "When we unwrapped the painting, it was like seeing our family whole again for the first time in seven years, since Mike’s death. We have never had a family picture taken since his death, even at our daughter’s wedding, because it was not our complete family. Now that we have this portrait of the five of us, we will be able to go on and have pictures of the four of us, as a family. We are thankful that we had an opportunity to have this picture done. " -- Judy
Ron -- "Losing my brother has been the most challenging experience in my family’s life. I wanted a portrait of Ron, so that I could feel him with me everyday. When I first saw the finished piece, there was a hint of sadness, but it was breathtaking. Whenever I look at this collection of images, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. It truly memorializes the energy of Ron’s life." -- Lori
Lynda -- "Thank you so much for the patience and compassion you've shown me during the emotional process of putting together the pictures of my Lynda's montage.  I have placed the finished piece on the most prominent wall in our family room.  I greatly enjoy the pleasurable memories each image brings back to me.  It has become my most prized possession.  I am certain that Lynda's children and siblings will enjoy their [lithographs] the same as I do.  Mere words cannot convey the comfort this picture has given me.  I am certain it will continue to do so until I can hold her in my arms again." -- Casey