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With the growing interest in genealogy research and ancestry charting, our Family History Montages are growing in popularity. We can blend together images representing a long period of time, and creatively group family units to portray multiple generations in a flowing Family Tree that is both informative and pleasurable to look at.

Unlike books or albums, all of the images in a montage are available in one visual rendering. The artist can use a variety of mediums and adjust layouts to make your montage flow beautifully through time. Best of all, we can provide full color reproductions, with optional framing, to share this memento with everyone in the family.

This four generation montage was commissioned as a 55th wedding anniversary for the featured couple. Their children provided the reference photographs that allowed us to represent all of the memories of their life together from parents to grandchildren. Roger Whitney was able to surround these people with all of the memories and accomplishments that make 55 years of commitment so cherished, and well worth all of the sacrifice.
slunder_c_s.jpg (6873 bytes)This couple invited Recognition Concepts to help them celebrate their 35 wedding anniversary.  They are shown surrounded by each of their parents, above, and both children and grandchildren below.  As you can see, we completed this piece in both our duotone medium and full color as a demonstration of impact that each medium provides.  We can even combine the two mediums to give a visual time line to a multiple generation montage.  The success of this piece is due to the high quality of the photographs provided along with the awesome talent of artist Roger Whitney.
Artist Ray Martens is an expert at capturing the intricacies of facial expression using soft graphite pencil. This composition begins at each side of the illustration and follows the life of a couple from birth through their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Parents and siblings are added across the bottom. Excerpts from various documents, certificates, and news articles are blended in along with meaningful poetry and scripture verses. While quite complex and detailed, this drawing represents more in one visual display than any other gift could begin to achieve.
This drawing portrays an officer’s successful military career along with the treasures that make for real success --his family. From college through grandchildren, this is a lasting testament to a full and rewarding life.
As an anniversary gift, this drawing both recommits a couples love for each other and surrounds them with all of the reasons their life together is so worthwhile.